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About MaSt Productions

MaSt Productions is a father-and-son writing partnership made up of M. D. Hirst and Stephen Cardew. Focusing mainly (but not exclusively) on comedy scriptwriting, they have created several short comedy scripts and are currently working on the first series of a six-episode sitcom.

You can see the latest output from MaSt Productions and find out more information on their website.

M. D. Hirst

As per the rest of the site…

His role in MaSt Productions is that of the son.

Stephen Cardew

Steve has published one book of short stories “Café Britannica”, a short e-book “Three Stories of Trish: A Trishtyp” and, through his website, a number of short pieces of writing. He is hoping to publish a detective story, later this year. All details are on his website.

His role in MaSt Productions is that of the father.

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